Adib Hanna Headshot

I'm Adib Hanna, a Full-Stack developer and currently the Lead instructor at Bethel School Of Technology.

My main development stack: PHP, Laravel, VueJs (created VueSlack community 4500+), TailwindCss.
In addition to those, I enjoy working with Elixir, Phoenix, Go and recently Flutter.

Bethel Tech is a first-of-a-kind faith based online coding bootcamp. My main role in it is to lead the instruction department through managing all our mentors, work on building and improving our curriculum and help students understand the different aspects of software development. You can find a list of modules that I help teach and manage here.

For more details about my experience, you can check my Linkedin profile, or download my resume.

Outside of development, I love playing Chess, Music (Bass, Classical/Acoustic Guitar, Piano) and lots of reading.

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