Hello, My name is Adib Hanna.

I'm a Senior Web Developer from Beirut, Lebanon.

I've been working in this field since 2011. Bellow are some of the technologies I use:

Favorite Languages: PHP Javascript Golang Cypher SQL
Frameworks & Libraries : Laravel (favorite) Symfony Codigniter Yii Kohana Nodejs Expressjs Vuejs
Tools & Others: Neo4j Mysql MongoDB Redis Nginx Apache Elasticsearch Logstash Kibana Linux AWS GIT Docker Vagrant PHPUnit Behat PHPSpec Design Patterns Refactoring Test Driven Developement SOLID Design Patterns Automated Deployments / CI

Things I can help you with:

  • Backend & API Development.
  • Application Deployments & Continuous Integration.
  • Application Architecture and Design.
  • Refactoring/Migrating old PHP products to Laravel.
  • Choosing the right technologies for your product.
  • Frontend development using Vuejs.
Adib Hanna

Email: adibhanna@gmail.com
Skype: adib_hanna

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Other interests and hobbies: